The Circlip Pliers

Sicherungsringzange 44 11 J2


Sicherungsringzange 46 11 A2


- for internal rings


- for external rings

They serve to assemble and disassemble circlips. These are used above all in the construction of vehicles and machinery, where they are especially used for fixing bearings on shafts or into bore holes.

A distinction is made between two types:

internal ring

Sicherungsringzange für Innenringe

Internal rings are used in bore holes. Using the appropriate pliers for internal rings, the ring is pressed together, thereby reducing the diameter and allowing it to be put on or taken off.

external ring

Sicherungsringzange für Außenringe

The external ring is used on axles and shafts. The pliers for external rings are used to enlarge the diameter so that the ring can be put on or taken off.

It is important to use a size of pliers which suits the size of the ring. The respective acceptable ring diameter is printed on the KNIPEX circlip pliers.

Tip for circlip pliers:

Above all the tips of the smaller pliers are sensitive to
overloading. It is recommendable therefore to loosen tight
rings before disassembly.