KNIPEX Installation Pliers

The Mobile Task Force.

Electricians always need to have “their” diagonal cutters with them. KNIPEX has now designed a new type of installation pliers to complement the diagonal cutter ideally. These pliers feature the basic functions of the four other tools which are essential for electrical installation: snipe nose side-cutting pliers, wire strippers and crimping pliers for end sleeves (ferrules) and cable shears. This four-fold functionality in one pair of pliers is ideal for construction and industrial electricians who often have to travel around from one assignment site to another.

The most convincing argument for the new KNIPEX installation pliers is its practice-oriented design.  The essential functions that electricians apply   every day have been combined in this tool. 

Stripping, cutting, gripping, deburring and crimping cables. 

The KNIPEX installation pliers can strip, cut, deburr and widen, grip and crimp end sleeves (ferrules). In cutting cables, they even reach the highest levels in performance, reducing the effort required to neatly cut through copper 35-mm²-cross-section cables by an amazing 70 %. 

Locking mechanism protects the cutting edge.

The spring assisted installation pliers can be used in two positions: locked or open. If the locking device is activated, the cutting edge is protected and unintentional cutting is prevented. All other work can be done even and especially in confined areas. The cutting function is activated by releasing the lock.

To prevent damage to cable sheaths, the tips of the installation pliers are flattened and the gripping surfaces are smooth.

Together, the diagonal cutter and installation pliers form a mobile task force for electricians.

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