The pocket-sized power pack

The KNIPEX CoBolt® S Bolt Cutter with recess for round materials


KNIPEX CoBolt® S - NEW: with recess

This handy and powerful bolt cutter with 25-fold manual force amplification cuts through even the toughest piano wire thanks to precision cutting edges and efficient joints

>Heavy-duty cutting edge with recess slices through the hardest round materials in only one cutting action 


> Extremely high cutting performance in a convenient length of 160 mm 


> Small, slim head for excellent accessibility 


> Compact and powerful: cuts bolts, nails, rivets etc. up to Ø 4.8 mm, cutting edge hardness approx. 64 HRC 



New: blades with recess for easier cutting of larger cross-sections thanks to better leverage close to the pivot point


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 Ideal for round materials 

KNIPEX CoBolt® with recess (article no. 71 01)

The recess enables round materials to be placed closer to the joint when cutting. The improved leverage makes easy work of cutting through even very hard materials with less effort.


KNIPEX CoBolt® - also without recess

 Ideal for flat materials 

KNIPEX CoBolt® without recess (article no. 71 01)

The cutting edge without the recess provides optimum cutting for flat materials. The lasered cutting edge also keeps the cutting material from slipping.


The KNIPEX CoBolt® S in action


KNIPEX Bolt Cutters

The KNIPEX CoBolt® family



Tiny power packs for the toughest materials


Most bolt cutters derive their brutal cutting power mainly from their large size. Much unlike the "pocket bolt cutters" of the CoBolt® family: They are handy and get the job done! In compact sizes of 160, 200 or 250 millimetres, they cut through even the hardest piano wires, thanks to precision cutting edges and efficient joints.



Ergonomic, agile, light and high-quality


Thanks to their slim design, the CoBolt® tools only require a small handle width to achieve their high cutting power. The small, slim head also provides good accessibility even in tight spaces. The low weight – from 200 grams – enables long periods of work without fatigue. The CoBolt® can even be carried in jacket and trouser pockets. The small bolt cutter is forged from chrome vanadium heavy-duty steel and is multi-stage oil-hardened.


The practical gripping surface  

can be used to pull wires with a diameter of approximately 1 mm or more. Pulling and cutting in one – no need for a second tool!


Optimum access 

With its slim head, the KNIPEX CoBolt® cuts where other bolt cutters will not even come close


Optionally available with tether attachment point  

The eyelet allows the tool to be easily tethered and removed. The tool is reliably secured against falling.


Two-component grips  

are particularly ergonomic. They are particularly recommended for frequent use where great manual force is required – enabling effortless work.


Differences within the range



The smallest of the range is available in the models 71 01 160 (without recess) and 71 31 160 (with recess).

Product catalogue


KNIPEX CoBolt® with recess

The CoBolt® for round materials is available in different sizes: 71 31 160, 71 31 200 and 71 31 250.


Product catalogue

KNIPEX CoBolt® without recess

The CoBolt® for flat materials is available in different sizes: 71 01 160, 71 01 200, 71 01 250.


Product catalogue

KNIPEX CoBolt® with opening spring

enables frequent cutting; can be locked quickly for safe transport. Available in the 2-component models 71 12 200, 71 22 200, 71 22 200 T, 71 32 200 and 71 32 200 T.


Product catalogue


KNIPEX CoBolt® with angled head

makes cutting flush to surfaces easier – no hand injuries on rough walls! The version with a 20° angled head is available in models 71 21 200, 71 22 200, 71 22 200 T and 71 41 200.


Product catalogue


The biggest CoBolt® is available in the models 71 01 250 and 71 31 250.


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